Pullammanappallil, Satish

Status: Adjunct Research Asst. Professor

Dr. Satish Pullammanappallil

Vice President & Chief Software Developer


200 S. Virginia Street

Suite 560

Reno, NV 89501

Ph: 775.236.5891

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Dr. Satish Pullammanappallil is a co-founder of Optim and holds a Ph.D. in Geophysics from the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). He obtained his BS and MS degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, before coming to Penn State to pursue his graduate studies in Geophysics. He followed his advisor, Prof. John Louie, to UNR and completed his Ph.D in 1994. His primary duties at Optim involve forming and directing research and development and supervising and managing software coding that form the core of the company's products and services. His main expertise is in developing Optimizers for solving complex problems involving large data populations. Dr. Pullammanappallil spent two years as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Rice University, Houston, TX, where he performed research and development in stochastic modeling of the earths crust. Dr. Pullammanappallil left Rice in 1997 to join William Lettis & Associates (WLA), a prominent Bay Area geo-sciences consulting firm, as a Project Geophysicist. In mid-1998 he left WLA to co-found Optim with Bill Honjas. Dr. Pullammanappallil was involved in developing probably the first cross-platform SA Optimizer for mass commercial distribution in the world, SeisOptŪ @2D. Dr. Pullammanappallil continues to develop cross-platform and net-based modules for Optim's SeisOptŪ line of products. He is also involved in developing remote operated hybrid-optimizers that will operate on centralized, high-speed cluster computing systems via the Internet. This research has been commercialized in the form of Optim's SeisOptŪ Net-Based Processing CenterTM, and as complete hardware/software seismic data processing solutions that the company now provides its clients. Most recently, Dr. Pullammanappallil has focused on directing research and commercial application of Optim's velocity optimization and surface wave software products.


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