Tibuleac, Ileana

Status: Research Associate Professor

Nevada Seismological Laboratory,
MS/174, University of Nevada, Reno,
Reno, NV 89557

Email: imtseismic@yahoo.com, ileana@unr.edu
Tel: 775-784-6256; Fax: 775-784-4165
Site: Ileana M. Tibuleac, PhD Geophysics
Facebook: Seismology can be fun


Ph.D. in Geophysics, SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY Dallas, TX, 15 May 1999, overall GPA: 3.827/4.0 scale. Thesis: Array Measurements of P and PcP Slowness Residuals with Implications for Lateral Heterogeneity in the Lower Mantle beneath the Caribbean Sea and Other Geophysical Studies
Master of Science in Nuclear Physics, BUCHAREST UNIVERSITY, ROMANIA, July, 1988, Overall GPA: 9.80/10.0 scale. Thesis: Thorium Utilization in Nuclear Plants
Bachelor of Science in Physics, BUCHAREST UNIVERSITY, ROMANIA July 1986
Master in Business Administration, UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, RENO, December 2014, College of Business Administration.

Current Projects

Quantifying EGS reservoir complexity with an integrated geophysical approach and improved resolution ambient seismic noise interferometry (Principal Investigator, DOE ).
Using ambient noise tomography to derive crustal models with resolution of 100 m in Dixie Valley, Nevada, and to relate seismic velocity models to rock temperature and properties. Collaborators: Mr Joe Ioenitti, Geologica, Dr Hank Ibsen, Berkeley University and Dr Satish Pullammanappallil, Optim, Inc.

Crust-mantle boundary constraints from ambient noise autocorrelations in North America, (Principal Investigator, NSF).
The primary objective of this research is to estimate additional constraints on the crustal reflector depth in Western North America, beneath each seismic station, using the reflection component of Green's Functions extracted from ambient noise autocorrelation beams. Collaborators: Dr David von Seggern, Marlon Ramos.

Improving seismic velocity models with constraints from autocorrelation of ambient seismic noise and signal (Principal Investigator, NNSA and AFRL). Using independent constraints from ambient noise autocorrelations to assess seismic velocity model improvement. Collaborators: Dr David von Seggern, Marlon Ramos.

Crustal attenuation and stochastic properties as geothermal favorability indicators (Principal Investigator, GBGRC).
The primary objective is to investigate seismic attenuation and crustal stochastic properties as indicators of Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) favorability. Collaborators: Dr David von Seggern, Dr. Hank Ibsen.

Development of a low cost method to estimate the seismic signature of a geothermal field from ambient seismic noise analysis (Principal Investigator, DOE). Developing a non-invasive, cost-effective exploration method for fault recognition based on ambient seismic noise analysis. Collaborators: Dr. Jim Faulds, Nevada Bureau of Mines, Holly McClahlan, Nevada Bureau of Mines, Mr Joe Ioenitti, Geologica, Dr Hank Ibsen, Berkeley University and Dr. Satish Pullammanappallil, Optim, Inc


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