von Seggern, David

Status: Emeritus Seismic Network Manager

Biographical Sketch for: David H. von Seggern

E-mail: vonseg@seismo.unr.edu


St. Louis U., B.S., Geophysics, 1966

U. Hawaii, M.S., Geophysics, 1968

Penn State U., Ph.D., Geophysics, 1982


Seismic Analyst/Seismologist, Teledyne Geotech, Alexandria, VA, 1967-1982

Systems Analyst/Associate Seismologist, Phillips Petroleum Co., Bartlesville, OK, 1982-1992

Seismic Network Manager, Nevada Seismological Laboratory, U. Nevada, 1992-2005

Seismic Network Manager Emeritus, Nevada Seismological Laboratory, 2005-present


1) Developed a widely-used empirically-based seismic source model for underground nuclear explosions.

2) Made a number of published contributions in the study of underground nuclear explosions, including observed wave propagation, statistical treatment of magnitudes, and detection and location methodology.

3) In one of the first applications of fractals to earthquakes, showed the relation of b-value, stress inhomogeneity, and liklihood of large ruptures.

4) Authored a complete reference book on mathematical curves and surfaces (CRC Standard Curves and Surfaces).

5) Defined 3-D image resolution based on the point-reflector model for seismic exploration, leading to a description of the performance of various 3-D seismic survey configurations.

6) Analyzed and reported the seismicity in the vicinity of Yucca Mountain, Nevada, the site of the USA's potential underground nuclear waste storage, for thirteen years.


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