Williams, Mark

Status: Programmer, Seismic Data Center


M.S. Geophysics (2011) Oregon State University
B.S. Electrical Engineering (2004) Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Skills and Research Interests

Signal Processing & Filtering; Earthquake, Tsunami, and Explosion Hazard Monitoring; Parallel Processing; Python, Perl, and Playing Guitar while things compile. Big fan of the ObsPy seismic processing framework and long-suffering relational database user.


Mark C. Williams, Anne M. Trehu, and Jochen Braunmiller, "Seismicity at the Cascadia Plate Boundary beneath the Oregon Continental Shelf", Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America June 2011 101:940-950; doi:10.1785/0120100198

Anne M. Trehu, Richard J. Blakely, and Mark C. Williams, "Subducted seamounts and recent earthquakes beneath the central Cascadia forearc", Geology, February 2012, v. 40, p. 103-106, first published on December 16, 2011, doi:10.1130/G32460.1

Public Projects

My GitHub name is markcwill


Phone: 784-4317
E-mail: click to email