Research Projects

May 20, 2010

Kent, Karlin & (Driscoll): A Reconnaissance Seismic CHIRP Survey of Pyramid Lake

Scientists from UNR, Scripps and the USGS collected 10 days of high-res grid of seismic CHIRP data across the many fault lines beneath Pyramid Lake, providing an unprecedented view of deformation beneath the cobalt waters of this most majestic lake. Resu
May 12, 2010

(Harding) & Kent: Advanced MCS processing of the SISMOMAR 3D data volume: Exploring linkages within the magmatically driven hydrothermal system of the Lucky Strike Volcano

New multichannel seismic (MCS) imaging techniques (e.g., downward continuation) are used to explore the 3D structure of the Lucky Strike Hydrothermal Field, Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
May 9, 2010

Kent & (Driscoll): Characterizing the most recent event (MRE) on the North Tahoe-Stateline fault, Lake Tahoe

In the summer 2010, a USGS NEHRP-funded seismic CHIRP survey was conducted to focus on the structure and recency of rupture along the North Tahoe-Stateline Fault, Lake Tahoe. Fallen Leaf Lake and Cascade Lake were also surveyed.
May 9, 2010

(Driscoll), Kent & (Harding): Salton Sea MCS and OBS Experiment

NSF-funded onshore and offshore project centered on the Salton Sea to understand the dynamics of this pull-apart system. Seismic "sparker" and GI-gun multichannel seismic (MCS) reflection profiles have been collected, along with wide-angle OBS data.
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