Graduate Students

Reeder, Kyle

Status: Graduate Student

I was raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. I attended Colorado State University, obtaining a B.S. in Geology and minor in mathematics. While at CSU, I utilized seismic refraction tomography, electrical resistivity tomography, and ground-penetrating radar to infer bedrock morphology at Indian Meadows, Colorado. My experience with the Syscal led to a research project with the University of Wyoming at the Southern Sierra CZO, where we used SRT and ERT to characterize saprolite production. I also spent a summer examining the empirical relationship of Rayleigh wave velocity to joint density. My core research interest is the joint inversion of multiple geophysical methods. I began working for the UNR Seismological Laboratory in May 2013 under the Optim Fellowship. My hobbies include rock-hounding, teaching, photography, hiking, guitar, and writing.


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