Pancha, Aasha
Status: Adjunct Research Associate

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Plank, Gabe
Status: Datacenter/IT Manager
Phone: 784-7039
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Presser, Ryan
Status: Development Technician IV
Phone: 784-1106
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Pullammanappallil, Satish
Status: Adjunct Research Asst. Professor
Phone: 784-6613
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Rennie, Tom
Status: Records Technician
Phone: 682-6088
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Slater, David
Status: Senior Seismic Systems Analyst
Phone: 784-4893
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Smith, Ken
Status: Associate Director
Phone: 784-4218
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Straley, Kent
Status: Development Tech I

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Tibuleac, Ileana
Status: Research Associate Professor
Phone: 775-784-6256
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Torrisi, John
Status: Associate Engineer
Phone: 848-2286
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